"75 to 90 percent of American Trial Lawyers are incompetent, dishonest or both"
Chief Justice Warren Burger, U.S. Supreme Court

If this statement is true, shouldn't you consider learning a little about law yourself, even if only to keep your lawyers in line?

When legal problems are in front of you, if you don't know your rights, you might as well not have any.

Lawyers are advantaged that they know how to find the law in a library. This knowledge is not an occult mystery.

The laws are supposed to be made by the people and for the people. They're not supposed to be making lawyers and bureaucrats a privileged ruling elite.

That's why How to Win A Lawsuit Without Hiring A Lawyer was written, solely to put knowledge into the hands of the general public, and to teach you how to find the law, and use it!

Lawyers are often not only overpriced, but also frequently painfully difficult to deal with.

Too many do not listen to clients, do not do enough research and do not pay enough attention to details..and that can cost you.

You have the right under the Constitution to act as your own attorney.

And if you don't know the Constitution, both of this country and your state, then you are at a great disadvantage. Many politicians, police and bureaucrats don't want you to know what is in these documents.

"How To Win A Lawsuit Without Hiring" A Lawyer is designed to put you on a more level playing field with lawyers and adversaries.

You'll be better able to negotiate argue and plead. Your results cannot be guaranteed, but we can guarantee that after reading this book you will know much more about law.

And once you've become our reader, Justice is much closer in reach. And then you can teach others what they need to know.

It's the American way!


  • Bar Associations have been sued for monopolistic practices?
  • Legal malpractice claims are at an all time record high?
  • Pro se litigants are forcing revolutionary changes in our justice system and that the best is yet to come?


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